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Because care and fear derive from ascent and de-
scent. Fear at ascending is in the expectation whe-
ther the ascent will succeed or not, but whoever dis-
regards ascent and descent, and elevates himself
above care and fear, he obtains tranquillity in tran-
quillity, and rectitude in rectitude. And the verse
of the merciful is :

" Keep thyself upright as thou wast directed."

Hence is also understood, that the Sufi remains

steadfast in the dignity of perfection, for rectitude
is perseverance. 0 Muhammed! it is necessary;
remain fixed in the dignity of professing the unity
of God, which is free from the misfortune of incon-
stancy* And the verse of the merciful is:

" The day on which I perfected religion for your sake, and rendered
" complete my favor towards you."

This indicates clearly the meaning that, by this
perfection also, the prophet (upon whom be the
peace and the blessing of the most High!) is mani-
fested. And those who, on account of the infinity
of revelation, hold progress to be perpetual, are not
right: because, as long as the sight is illuminated
by the light of the revelation, the revelationists and
the illuminated are still separate, and not yet be-
come one:' in this state there is duality and infidelity

1 As long as the Sufi is conscious of the least distinction between God
and himself, he is not thoroughly penetrated by the unity of God. Here