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Full text of "The Dabistan"

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As this question, solved in this manner by me,
humble individual, was very abstruse, 1 sent it to
my friends, that, if there were occasion for further
discussion, they might write to me, and thus the
matter be better elucidated. God alone is all-suffi-
cient ; the rest is inordinate desire. What has been
hitherto said is taken from the prince of the world
(Dara sheko).

It should be known that, in the work Herds ed al
Andyet, tc Observations upon the blessed favor," is
stated, that the sect, which in their (exalted) feel-
ing1 conquer the state of jazbet,'2 jama va'vahedet,
" attraction, union, and unity," have acquired, by
means of the superiority of the manifest name (the
quality of] exterior deity, and interior and hid-
den creation. This sect is called, in the language of
the Siifis, saheban-i-kereb*-i-ferdis, " the masters of

they seem nevertheless to belong to them, although not in the metre of the
other lines.

1   .at Jw», " tasting," from ,Zj3 9 zawk, " taste, delight," is above

employed in a wide acceptation, and means in the technical language of
the Siifis an uncommon exaltation of the mind.

2   <u JL^. , " attraction," is a mystical state, in which God attracts the
saint, in order that he, an obedient servant, may direct his mind towards
the side to which he is attracted, and may be inflamed in such a man-
ner as to rise up towards heaven.   The majezub, " attracted," form a
particular class of the Siifis.—(See p. 250-251, note 1.)

3   s,.^', '* proximity," a technical term of the Siifis, is referred
the words addressed by God to Muhammed: " adore and approach."—-