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Besides, the Mariyam of the world, the Fatima of

the time and ages, the purity of Jiuman kind, the
protecting intelligence, Jehdn dm Ct the ornament of
" the world," the begum, the lady, " the daughter
of Abu 'I Muzafer Shihdbu 'd din Muhammed sahib-
Kir an sdni Amir id muskmin shah Jehdn pddshdh ghdzi,
^ the victorious lord, the bright star of religion,
C4 Muhammed, a second Sahib Kiran, the Amir of
cc the believers, Shah Jehan, the conquering empe-
ror, having secretly followed, by the-desire of her
heart, the injunctions of the blessed Mulla shah,
turned her face to the right rule, and attained her
wish, the full knowledge of God. One of the won-
derful speeches of this blessed and exalted person-
age, whom the author of this book knew, is the fol-
lowing: In the year of the Hejira 1057 (A. D.
1647) Mulla shah came to the house of a friend in
Hyderabad. One of the persons present, by way of
reproving allusion, began to ask questions about the
hurt which the begum of the lord received by fire.
The teacher of morality said to him : ' * A slight gar-
" ment imbibed with oil, when it takes fire, is
u easily burnt;" in such a manner came the misfor-
tune upon the most pure form of her majesty. This
person laughed and continued to revile. By acci-
dent, somebody came from the house of this person
and said: " What,art thou sitting here, whilst thy
" sister is burnt, because fire fell upon her gar-