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" to thee the present and the future world.    The

Mobed says :

" The pious and the idolaters are satisfied with us, as we
" Are not ourselves their partners, neither in this nor in the other world;
*' Enmity arises from partnership; we, with the intention of friendship,

" Gave up the future, and follow the present world."

Mirza Muhammed Mokim, the jeweller, further
said : A person gave bad names to Fakheraye Fal;
the latter, looking towards him, gave him no
answer. When we asked him the reason of his
silence, he replied: "A man moved his lips, and
" agitated the air; what does that concern me?"
Fakher, the ornament of mankind, was not much
addicted to religious austerity, but gave himself up
to counselling, reforming, and correcting others.
He assumed the surname of Tana, " timid, or un-
" believer;" he called the Journal of his travels,
Dair-namah," Journal of a tavern (also monastery),"
In this Journal are the following lines:

" I met upon my road with a bitch,

" Like a dog guided by scent in the circle of a chase.

'* Her paw was colored with blood,

" In the middle of the road she lay like a tiger;

*4 Impelled either by wild instinct or necessity,

** She had made her own whelp the aliment of life.

" At the sight of so strange a scene,

" I restrained my hand from striking, and opening my lips,

*' I said: ' 0 dog, what desirest thou to do?   .

" * Upon thy own heart why inflicting all this pain?'

'* Scarce had the tip of my tongue perforated the pearl of the secret*

*4 When her tail was agitated, and she said: