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many years he followed the footsteps of a perfect
spiritual guide; he travelled to see monasteries and
hermitages, until he became the disciple of Shaikh
Mujed eddin Muhammed Balkhi Kaderi, who was
free, virtuous, and remote from the world.    The
said Shaikh read the whole work of Shaikh Molii
eddin Arabi before his  master, and  his   master
perused it likewise with Shaikh Sader eddin Kau-
tivi,who had heard the whole of it from ShaidhMohi
eddin.    Ths pious Sabjani frequently expounded
the words of the lord Rais ul Mohedm, " the chief
** of the believers of divine unity," Shaikh Mohi
eddin Arabi, and those of the best Sufis, and as
he was carried to the very limit of evidence, he
found them conformable with the doctrine of the
Platonists.    The godly Sabjana studied the whole
work of the celebrated Shaikh In the service of his
perfect master.    After this attendance, having re-
signed every thing into the hands of the fortunate
Shaikh, he turned his  face entirely to sanctity,
and lived a considerable time retired in solitude,
until his master declared to him: Now, thou hast
attained perfection,    The pious Sabjani keeps no-
thing with him but the cover of his privities;  he
abstains from eating the flesh of any animal;  he
asks for nothing;  if any sustenance be left near
him, provided it be not animal food, he takes a
little of it;   he venerates the  mosques  and  the