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^ revealed to me that, whatever is, exists within
" mankind itself.

" Demand from thyself whatever thou wishest: for thou art every
" thing."

It is related: That there was a man called Bahdder
among the Hindus, and he happened to have no male
offspring in his house; therefore he came to Baba
Yiisef, and demanded his benediction. Baba Yiisef
gave him a bit of white earth, and said to him:
" Let thy wife eat it." When the man had done as
was enjoined him, a boy was born in his house, and
received the name otRahu. This individual, by the
favor of the friends of God, became a learned man,
and acquired the surname of " independent," as wras
said in the chapter of the Jnanian.'

The Mulla, called Umer, prohibited Baba Yiisef to
listen to music, and whatever gentle entreaties Baba
Yiisef employed, he paid no attention to them; at
last the Baba, in the perturbation of his mind, threw
a small fragment of stone upon him, in such a man-
ner that Mulla Umer lost his senses for some time;
when he recovered, he prostrated himself before the
Baba, went out, and was no more seen.

Yiisef, the inspired, was a durvish, devoted to the
practice of restraining his breath, which he carried
so far that he kept his breath during four watches

1 We find nothing upon this-Rahu in the preceding pages.