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Editor of the Persian text of the Dabistan, printed in

In the name of the bountiful and merciful God.

After the praise of God, who is acquainted with
things future and invisible, who painted the tables
of existence of mankind, and in the Dabistan exhi-
bited the truths of things by the information of names
and by the representations of intellect, and put his
mark thereupon; who bestowed on man, susceptible
of guidance, the pittance of the verse:

" Whom we had taught wisdom from before us."2

He, the unity in whose being all the imaginable
unities are lost, and the multitudes of contrary sects
and religions are the exhibitions of his attributes.


44 Neighbor, companion, and fellow-traveller, all is he;
44 In the habit of a beggar, and in the satin of a King, all is he;

1  See Preliminary Discourse, vol. T. part iii.  2.

2  Koran, chap. XVIII. v. 64.