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tl He is in the concourse of divisions and concealed in the mansion of

" reunion;
*< By God all is he; certainly, by God, all is he."

Prayers of the pious, salutations of the saints,
sacrifice for the holy spirits of the prophets and
apostles, blessing and peace be upon our prophet and upon
them! who are the guides of the roads, those who
walk before us on the ways, parts of the whole.

The meanest of the weak servants in the post of
ignorance, taking upon himself to offer a noble pre-
sent io the lordship of the country of God's crea-
tures in the empire of positive truths, and of the
throne-ornaments belonging to the district of subtil-
ties, represents, that the power of the omniscient
and bountiful God (be his majesty displayed and his
mercy diffused upon all!), has gratified the species
of mankind, according to the exigency of natural
genius, and the propensity of mind; and according
to the choice of a special rule and the assumption of
a particular religious opinion of eacft, in such a man-
ner that a troop, having been invested with the gar-
ment of lawful religion, and another people with
the golden texture of a convenient doctrine, they
may become the manifestations of the lights of his
perfect power and glorious miracle, and he knew
by immediate knowledge, that such various kinds
and cameleon-like forms, by which the inscrutable
essence of his majesty can be viewed by glimpses,