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the editor, having inquired and examined as much
as was possible, by means of the most esteemed
books, such as dictionaries, interpretations, and
commentaries of the learned of each sect, fixed the
meaning of difficult words at the end of this book in
some separate leaves, in such a manner that, with-
out trouble and useless prolixity, the brides of those
ideas may become manifest upon the exalted bridal
seats of intelligence.1    Moreover, for ranging the
die vocables,  the editor adopted the mode that
under the first letter should be placed the chapter,
and under the second letter the section, and he ap-
pended this vocabulary to the end of the book.   He
made also a list of errata, and concluded with an
epilogue, in order that all those who reason and
discuss upon these typical matters, may have the
facility of understanding them.   Thus, from God we
expect grace and certain direction to righteousness
and to favour.

1 This is an allusion to the custom according to which, when the nup-
tials of distinguished persons are celebrated, the bride, in her most mag-
nificent attire is exposed to the multitude upon an elevated seat, or in a
palanquin carried through the streets,