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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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2d January, 1665.

THIS day was published by me that part of <( The Mys-
tery of Jesuitism }> translated and collected by me,
though without my name, containing the Imaginary
Heresy, with four letters and other pieces.

4th January, 1665. I went in a coach, it being excessive
sharp frost and snow, toward Dover and other parts of
Kent, to settle physicians, chlrurgeons, agents, marshals,
and other officers in all the sea ports, to take care of such
as should be set on shore, wounded, sick, or prisoners, in
pursuance of our commission reaching from the North
Foreland, in Kent, to Portsmouth, in Hampshire. The rest
of the ports in England were allotted to the other Com-
missioners. That evening I came to Rochester, where I
delivered the Privy Council's letter to the Mayor to receive
orders from me.

5th January, 1665. I arrived at Canterbury, and went
to the cathedral, exceedingly well repaired since his Maj-
esty's return.

6th January, 1665. To Dover, where Colonel Stroode,
Lieutenant of the Castle, having received the letter I
brought him from the Duke of Albemarle, made me lodge
in it, and I was splendidly treated, assisting me from place
to place. Here I settled my first Deputy. The Mayor
and officers of the Customs were very civil to me,

9th January, 1663. To DeaL—loth. To Sandwich, a
pretty town, about two miles from the sea. The Mayor
and officers of the Customs were very dilligent to serve
me, I visited the forts in the way, and returned that night
to Canterbury.

nth January, 1665, To Rochester, when I took order
to settle officers at Chatham.

i ath January, 1665, To Gravesend, and returned home.
A cold, busy, but not unpleasant journey,

25th January, 1665. This night being at Whitehall, his
Majesty came to me standing in the witfadrawing-room,1666. The pestilence, through God's