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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                         LONDON

and gave me thanks for publishing (<The Mysteries of
Jesuitism,}> which he said he had carried two days in his
pocket, read it, and encouraged me; at which I did not a
little wonder: I suppose Sir Rohert Murray had given it
to him.

ayth January, 1665. Dined at the Lord Chancellor's,
who caused me after dinner to sit two or three hours alone
with him in his bedchamber.

2d February, 1665. I saw a Masque performed at
Court, by six gentlemen and six ladies, suprising his
Majesty, it being Candlemas day.

8th February, Ash Wednesday, 1665. I visited our
prisoners at Chelsea College, and to examine how the
marshal and sutlers behaved. These were prisoners taken
in the war; they only complained that their bread was
too fine. I dined at Sir Henry Herberts, Master of the

9th February, 1665. Dined at my Lord Treasurer's,
the Earl of Southampton, in Bloomsbury, where he was
building a noble square or piazza,* a little town; his own
house stands too low, some noble rooms, a pretty cedar
chapel, a naked garden to the north, but good air. I had
much discourse with his Lordship, whom I found to be a
person of extraordinary parts, but a valetudinarian. I
went to St. James's Park, where I saw various animals,
and examined the throat of the Onocrotylus, or pelican, a
fowl between a stork and a swan; a melancholy water-
fowl, brought from Astrakhan by the Russian Ambassador;
it was diverting to see how he would toss up and turn
a flat fish, plaice, or flounder, to get it right into his
gullet at its lower beak, which, being filmy, stretches to a
prodigious wideness when it devours a great fish. Here
was also a small water-fowl, not bigger than a moorhen,
that went almost quite erect, like the penguin of America;
it would eat as much fish as its whole body weighed; I
never saw so unsatiable a devourer, yet the body did not
appear to swell the bigger. The solan geese here are
also great devourers, and are said soon to exhaust all the
fish in a pond. Here was a curious sort of poultry not
much exceeding the size of a tame pigeon, with legs so
short as their crops seemed to touch the earth; a milk-

* The Italians mean simply a square by their piazzas. Miss; Mrs. Uphill was the actress alluded to in connection