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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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*d Tune 1665. In my return went to Gravesend; the
fleets being just now engaged, gave special orders^for my
officers to be ready to receive the wounded and prisoners.

5th June, 1665. To London, to speak with his Majesty
and the Duke of Albemarle for horse and foot guards
for the prisoners at war, committed more particularly to
my charge by a commission apart.

8th June, 1665. I went again to his Grace, thence to
the Council, and moved for another privy seal for ^20,-
ooo and that I might have the disposal of the Savoy
Hospital for the sick and wounded; all which was granted.
Hence to the Royal Society, to refresh among the phi-

Came news of his highness* s victory, which indeed
might have been a complete one, and at once ended the
war, had it been pursued, but the cowardice of some, or
treachery, or both, frustrated that. We had, however,
bonfires, bells, and rejoicing in the city. Next day, the
gth, I had instant orders to- repair to the Downs, so as I
got to Rochester this evening. Next day I lay at Deal,
where I found all in readiness: but, the fleet being hin-
dered by contrary, winds, I came away on the i2th, and
went to Dover, and returned to Deal; and on the i3th,
hearing the fleet was at Solbay, I went homeward, and
lay at Chatham, and on the i4th, I got home. On the
15th, came the eldest son of the present Secretary of
State to the French King, with much other company, to
dine with me. After dinner, I went with him to London,
to speak to my Lord General for more guards, and gave
his Majesty an account of my journey to the coasts under
my inspection. I also waited on his Royal Highness,
now come triumphant from the fleet, gotten into repair.
See the whole history of this conflict in my <( History of
the Dutch War.

aoth June, 1665. To London, and represented the state
of tlie sick and wounded to His Majesty in Council, for
want of money, he ordered I should apply to My Lord
Treasurer and Chancellor of the Exchequer, upon what
funds to raise the money promised. We also presented to
his Majesty divers expedients for retrenchment of the

This evening making my court to the Duke, I spake to
Monsieur Comminges, the French Ambassador, and hfoisoners,on (the SecretaryRoy le veult, as to public bills,