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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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1665                             JOHN EVELYN

Highness granted me six prisoners, Embdeners, who were
desirous to go to the Barbadoes with a merchant.

22d June, 1665. We waited on the Chancellor of the
Exchequer, and got an Order of Council for our money
to be paid to the Treasurer of the .Navy for our Receivers.

2 3d June, 1665. I dined with Sir Robert Paston, since
Earl of Yarmouth, and saw the Duke of Verneuille, base
brother to the Queen-Mother, a handsome old man, a
great hunter.

The Duke of York told us that, when we were in fight,
his dog sought out absolutely the very securest place in
all the vessel. In the afternoon, I saw the pompous
reception and audience of El Conde de Molino, the Span-
ish Ambassador, in the Banqueting - house, both their
Majesties sitting together under the canopy of state.

3oth June, 1665. To Chatham; and, ist July, to the
fleet with Lord Sandwich, now Admiral, with whom I
went in a pinnace to the Buoy of the Nore, where the
ivhole fleet rode at anchor; went on board the Prince, of
ninety brass ordnance, haply the best ship in the world,
both for building and sailing; she had 700 men. They
made a great huzza, or shout, at our approach, three
times. Here we dined with many noblemen, gentlemen,
and volunteers, served in plate and excellent meat of all
sorts. After dinner, came his Majesty, the Duke, and
Prince Rupert. Here I saw the King knight Captain
Custance for behaving so bravely in the late fight. It
was surprising to behold the good order, decency, and
plenty of all things in a vessel so full of men. The ship
received a hundred cannon shot in her body. Then I
went on board the Charles, to which after a gun was shot
off, came all the flag officers to his Majesty, who there
held a General Council, which determined that his Royal
Highness should adventure himself no more this summer.
I came away late, having seen the most glorious fleet that
ever spread sails. We returned in his Majesty's yacht
with my Lord Sandwich and Mr. Vice-Chamberlain, landing
at Chatham on Sunday morning.

5th July, 1665. I took order for 150 men, who had been
recovered of their wounds, to be carried on board the
Clove Tree, Carolus Quintus, and Zealand, ships that had
been taken by us in the fight; and so returned home.

7th July, 1665.    To London, to Sir William Coventry;is Majesty