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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY   OF                               CHATHAM

and so to Sion, where his Majesty sat at Council during
the contagion: when business was over, I viewed that seat
belonging- to the Earl of Northumberland, built out of an
old nunnery, of. stone, and fair enough, but more celebrated
for the garden than it. deserves; yet there is excellent
wall-fruit, and a pretty fountain; nothing else extraor-

9th July, 1665. I went to. Hampton-Court, where now
the whole Court was, to solicit for money; to carry inter-
cepted letters; confer again with Sir William Coventry,
the Duke's secretary; and so home, having dined with
Mr. Secretary Morice.

16th July, 1665. There died of the plague in London
this week 1,1 oo; and in the week following, above 2,000.
Two houses were shut up in our parish.

ad August, 1665. A solemn fast through England to
deprecate God's displeasure against the land by pestilence
and war; our Doctor preaching on 26 Levit. v. 41, 42, that
the means to obtain remission of punishment was not to
repine at it; but humbly to submit to it.

3d August, 1665. Came his Grace the Duke of Albe-
marle, Lord General of all his Majesty's forces, to visit
me, and carried me to dine with him.

4th August, 1665. I went to Wotton with my Son and
his tutor, Mr. Bohun, Fellow of New College (recom-
mended to me by Dr. Wilkins, and the President of New
College, Oxford), for fear of the pestilence, still increasing
in London and its environs. On my return, I called at
Durdans, where I found Dr. Wilkins, Sir William Petty,
and Mr. Hooke, contriving chariots, new rigging for ships,
a wheel for one to run races in, and other mechanical in-
ventions; perhaps three such persons together were not to
be found elsewhere in Europe, for parts and ingenuity.

8th August,  1665.    I waited on the Duke of Albemarle,
who was resolved to stay at the   Cock-pit, in St. James's
Park.    Died this week in London, 4,000.
15th August, 1665.    There perished this week 5,000.
28th August, 1665. The  contagion still increasing, and
growing now  all  about us, I  sent my wife  and   whole
family (two or three necessary servants   excepted) to   my
brother's at Wotton, being resolved to stay  at  my  house
myself, and to. look after my charge, trusting in the provi-
dence and goodness of God. to Sir William Coventry;is Majesty