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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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i66s                             JOHN EVELYN

5th September, 1665. To Chatham, to inspect my
charge, with ^900 in my coach.

yth September, 1665. Came home, there perishing near
10,000 poor creatures weekly; however, I went all along
the city and suburbs from Kent Street to St. James's, a
dismal passage, and dangerous to see so many coffins
exposed in the streets, now thin of people; the shops shut
up, and all in mournful silence, not knowing whose turn
might be next. I went to the Duke of Albemarle for a
pest-ship, to wait on our infected men, "who were not
a few.

i4th September, 1665. I went to Wotton; and on i6th
September, to visit old Secretary Nicholas, being now at
his new purchase of West Horsley, once mortgaged to me
by Lord Viscount Montague: a pretty dry seat on the
Down. Returned to Wotton.

iyth September, 1665. Receiving a letter from Lord
Sandwich of a defeat given to the Dutch, I was forced
to travel all Sunday. I was exceedingly perplexed to
find that near 3,000 prisoners were sent to me to dispose
of, being more than I had places fit to receive and

25th September, 1665. ..My Lord Admiral being come
from the fleet to Greenwich, I went thence with him to
the Cock-pit, to consult with the Duke of Albemarle. I
was peremptory that, unless we had ^10,000 immediately,
the prisoners would starve, and it was proposed it should
be raised out of the East India prizes now taken by Lord
Sandwich. They being but two of the commission, and
so not empowered to determine, sent an express to his
Majesty and Council, to know what tjiey should do. In
the meantime, I had five vessels, with competent guards,
to keep the prisoners in for the present, to be placed as
I should think best. After dinner (which was at the
General's) I went over to visit his Grace, the Archbishop
of Canterbury, at Lambeth.

28th September, 1665. To the General again, to acquaint
him of the deplorable state of our men for want of pro-
visions; returned with orders.

29th September, 1665. To Erith, to quicken the sale of
the prizes lying there, with order to the commissioner who
lay on board till they should be disposed of, ^5,ooo being
proportioned for my quarter, then I delivered the Dutchse