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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                         LONDON

Vice-Admiral, who was my prisoner, to Mr. Lo. . . .
*of the Marshalsea, he giving me bond in ^"500 to produce
him at my call. I exceedingly pitied this brave unhappy
person, who had lost with these prizes ^40,000 after
twenty years' negotiation [trading] in the East Indies.
I dined in one of these vessels, of 1,200 tons, full of riches.

ist October, 1665. This afternoon, while at evening
prayers, tidings were brought me of the birth of a daughter
at "Wotton, after six sons, in the same chamber I had first
taken breath in, and at the first day of that month, as I
was on the last, forty-five years before.

4th October, 1665.    The monthly fast.

nth October, 1665. To London, and went through the
whole city, having occasion to alight out of the coach in
several places about business of money, when I was en-
vironed with multitudes of poor, pestiferous creatures
begging alms; the shops universally shut up, a dreadful
prospect I I dined with my Lord General; was to receive
; 10,000, and had guards to convey both myself and it,
and so returned home, through God's infinite mercy. ,

i.yth October, 1665. I went to Gravesend; next day to
Chatham; thence to Maidstone, in order to the march of
500 prisoners to Leeds Castle, which I had hired of Lord
Culpeper. I was earnestly desired by the learned Sir
Roger Twisden, and Deputy-Lieutenants, to spare Maid-
stone from quartering any of my sick flock. Here, Sir
Edward Brett sent me some horse to bring up the rear.
This country, from Rochester to Maidstone and the Downs,
is very agreeable for the prospect.

sist October, 1665. I came from Gravesend, where Sir
J, Griffith, the Governor of the Fort, entertained me very

3ist October, 1665. * was this day forty-five years
of age wonderfully preserved; for which I blessed God
for his infinite goodness toward me.

23d November, 1665. Went home, the contagion hav-
ing now decreased considerably.

27* November, 1665. The Duke of Albemarle was
going to Oxford, where both Court and Parliament had
been most part of the summer. There was no small sus-
picion of my Lord Sandwich having permitted divers
commanders, who were at the taking of the East India

*Mr. Lowman.er my charge, trusting in the provi-