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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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1666                              JOHN EVELYN

persons; after which, I got home, not being* very well in

The Court was now in deep mourning for the French

2d February, 1666. To London; his Majesty now come
to Whitehall, where I heard and saw my Lord Mayor
(and brethren) make his speech of welcome, and the two
Sheriffs were knighted.

6th February, 1666. My wife and family returned to
me from the country, where they had been since August,
by reason of the contagion, now almost universally ceas-
ing. Blessed be God for his infinite mercy in preserving
us! I, having gone through so much danger, and lost so
many of my poor officers, escaping still myself that I might
live to recount and magnify his goodness to me.

8th February, i<566. I had another gracious reception
by his Majesty, who called me into his bed-chamber, to
lay before and describe to him my project of an Infirmary,
which I read to him, who with great approbation, recom-
mended it to his Royal Highness.

2oth February, 1666. To the Commissioners of the Navy
who, having seen the project of the Infirmary, encouraged
the work, and were very earnest it should be set about
immediately; but I saw no money, though a very moderate
expense would have saved thousands to his Majesty, and
been much more commodious for the cure and quartering
of our sick and wounded, than the dispersing them into
private houses, where many more chirurgeons and attend-
ants were necessary, and the people tempted to debauch-

2ist February, 1666. Went to my Lord Treasurer for
an assignment of ^40,000 upon the last two quarters for
support of the next year's charge. Next day, to Duke of
Albernarle and Secretary of State, to desire them to pro-
pose it to the Council.

ist March, 1666; To London, and presented Ms Majesty
my book in titled, (< The Pernicious Consequences of the
new Heresy of the Jesuits against Kings and States,>J

7th March, 1666. Dr. Bancroft, since Archbishop of
Canterbury, preached before the King about the idertfity
and immutability of God, on Psalm cii. 27,

13th March, 1666. To Chatham, to view a place desigli$4
for an Infirmary.                   so great, he would