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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                          LONDON

15th March, 1666. My charge now amounted to near
^£7,000 [weekly].

22d March, 1666. The Royal Society reassembled, after
the dispersion from the contagion.

24th March, 1666.    Sent ^£2,000 to Chatham.

ist April, 1666. To London, to consult about ordering
the natural rarities belonging to the repository of the Royal
Society; referred to a Committee.

loth April, 1666. Visited Sit William D'Oyly, surprised
with a fit of apoplexy, and in extreme danger.

nth April, 1666. Dr. Bathurst preached before the
King, from (< I say unto you all, watch*—a seasonable and
most excellent discourse. When his Majesty came from
chapel, he called to me in the lobby, and told me he must
now have me sworn for a Justice of Peace (having long
since made me of the Commission); which I declined as
inconsistent with the other service I was engaged in, and
humbly desired to be excused. After dinner, waiting on
him, I gave him the first notice of the Spaniards referring
the" umpirage of the peace between them and Portugal to
the French King, which came to me in a letter from Prance
before the Secretaries of State had any After
this, his Majesty again asked me if I had found out any
able person about our parts that might supply my place
of Justice of Peace (the office in the world I had most
industriously avoided, in regard of the perpetual trouble
thereof in these numerous parishes); on which I nominated
one, whom the King commanded me to give immediate
notice of to my Lord Chancellor, and I should be excused;
for which I rendered his Majesty many thanks. From
thence, I went to the Royal Society, where I was chosen
by twenty-seven voices to be one of their Council for the
ensuing year; but, upon my earnest suit in respect of my
other affairs, I got to be excused-—and so home.

15th April, 1666. Our parish was now more infected
with the plague than ever, and so was all the country
about, though almost quite ceased at London.

24th April, 1666. To London about our Mint-Commis-
sion, and sat in the inner Court of Wards.

8th May, 1666. To Queensborough, where finding the
Richmond frigate, I sailed to the buoy of the Nore to my
Lord-General and Prince Rupert, where was the Rendez-
vous of the most glorious fleet in the world, now prepar-s,