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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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28                                      DIARY OF                              LONDON

after his Majesty had brought the whole court to it. It
was a comely and manly habit, too good to hold, it being-
impossible for us in good earnest to leave the Monsieurs'
vanities long.

3ist October, 1666. I heard the signal cause of my
Lord Cleveland pleaded before the House of Lords; and
was this day forty-six years of age, wonderfully protected
by the mercies of God, for which I render him immortal

. i4th November, 1666. I went my winter circle through
my district, Rochester and other places, where I had men
quartered, and in custody.

i5th November, 1666. To Leeds Castle,
''i6th November, 1666. I mustered the prisoners, being
about 600 Dutch and French, ordered their proportion of
bread to be augmented and provided clothes and fuel.
Monsieur Colbert, Ambassador at the Court of England,
this day sent money from Ms master, the French King,
to every prisoner of that nation under my guard.

17th November, 1666. I returned to Chatham, my
chariot overturning on the steep of Bexley Hill, wounded
me in two places on the liead; my son, Jack, being with
me, was like to have been worse cut by the glass; but I
thank God ,we both escaped without much hurt, though
not without exceeding danger.

18th. November, 1666. At Rochester*
19th November, 1666. Returned home.
23d November, 1666. At London, I heard an extraor-
dinary case before a Committee of the whole House of
Commons, in the Commonsr House of Parliament, between
one Captain Taylor and my Lord Viscount Mordaunt,
where, after the lawyers had pleaded and the witnesses
"been examined, such foul and dishonorable things were
produced against his Lordship, of tyranny during his
government of Windsor Castle, of which he was Constable,
incontinence, and suborning witnesses (of which last, one
Sir Richard Breames was most concerned), that I was ex-
ceedingly interested for his Lordship, who was my special
friend, and husband of the most virtuous lady in the world.
We sat till near ten at night, and yet but half the counsel
had done on behalf of the plaintiff/ The question then
was put for bringing in of lights to sit longer. This lasted
so long before it was determined, and raised such a con*ng with fiery redness, so