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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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i667                          JOHN EVELYN

discourse with him, who was an experienced commander.
I told him I wondered the King did not fortify Sheerness*
and the Ferry; both abandoned.

2d July, 1667. Called upon my Lord Arlington, as from
his Majesty, about the new fuel. The occasion why I was
mentioned, was from what I said in my Sylva three years
before, about a sort of fuel for a need, which obstructed a
patent of Lord Carlingford, who had been seeking for it
himself; he was endeavoring to bring me into the pro-
ject, and proffered me a share. I met my Lord; and, on
the pth, by an order of Council, went to my Lord Mayor,
to be assisting. In the meantime they had made an ex-
periment of my receipt of koullies, which I mention in my
book to be made at Maestricht, with a mixture of charcoal
dust and loam, and which was tried with success at Gresham
College (then being the exchange for the meeting of the
merchants since the fire) for everybody to see. This
done, I went to the Treasury for ^12,000 for the sick and
wounded yet on my hands.

Next day, we met again about the fuel at Sir J. Ar-
mourer's in the Mews.

8th July, 1667. My Lord Brereton and others dined at
my house, where I showed them proof of my new fuel,
which was very glowing, and without smoke or ill

loth July, 1667, I went to see Sir Samuel Morland's
inventions and machines, arithmetical wheels, quench-fires,
and new harp.

17th July, 1667. The master of the mint and his lady,
Mr. Williamson, Sir Nicholas Armourer, Sir Edward Bow-
yer, Sir Anthony Auger, and other friends dined with

2pth July, 1667. I went to Gravesend; the Dutch fleet
still at anchor before the river, where I saw five of his
Majesty's men-at-war encounter above twenty of the
Dutch, in the bottom of the Hope, chasing them with
many broadsides given and returned toward the buoy of
the Nore, where the .body of their fleet lay, which lasted
till about midnight. One of their ships was fired, sup-
posed by themselves, she being run on ground. Having
seen this bold action, and their braving us so far up the
river, I went home the next day, not without indignation

* Since done.   Evelyn's note.he resolute