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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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36                                 DIARY OF                              LONDON

at our negligence, and the nation's reproach. It is well
known who of the Commissioners of the Treasury gave
advice that the charge of setting forth a fleet this year
might be spared, Sir W. C. (William Coventry) by

ist August, 1667. I received the sad news of Abraham
Cowley's death, that incomparable poet and virtuous man,
my very dear friend, and was greatly deplored.

3d August, 1667. Went to Mr. Cowley's funeral, whose
corpse lay at Wallingford House, and was thence conveyed
to Westminster Abbey in a hearse with six horses and all
funeral decency, near a hundred coaches of noblemen and
persons of quality following; among these, all the wits of
the town, divers bishops and clergymen. He was interred
next Geoffry Chaucer, and near Spenser. A goodly mon-
ument is since erected to his memory.

Now did his Majesty again dine in the presence, in
ancient state, with music and all the court ceremonies,
which had been interrupted since the late war.

8th August, 1667. Visited Mr. Oldenburg, a close
prisoner in the Tower, being suspected of writing intel-
ligence. I had an order from Lord Arlington, Secretary
of State, which caused me to be admitted. This gentle-
man was secretary to our Society, and I am confident
will prove an innocent person.

15th August, 1667. Finished my account, amounting1 to

xyth August 1667. To the funeral of Mr. Farringdon,
a relation of my wife's.

There was now a very gallant horse to be baited to
death with dogs; but he fought them all, so as the fiercest
of them could not fasten on him, till the men run him
through with their swords. This wicked and barbarous
sport deserved to have been punished in the cruel con-
trivers to get money, under pretense that the horse' had
killed a man, which was false. I would not be persuaded
to be a spectator.

a i at August, 1667. Saw the famous Italian puppet-play,
for it was no other.

24th August, 1667. I was appointed, with the rest of
my brother commissioners, to put in execution an order
of Council for freeing the prisoners at war in my custody
at Leeds Castle, and taking off his Majesty's extraordinaryher ministers, to lay