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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                                LONDON

29th August, 1667. We met at the Star-chamber about
exchange and release of prisoners.

7th September, 1667. Came Sir John Kiviet, to article
with me about his brickwork.

13th September, 1667. Between the hours of twelve and
one, was born my second daughter, who was afterward
christened Elizabeth.

ipth September, 1667. To London, with Mr. Henry
Howard, of Norfolk, of whom I obtained the gift of his
Arundelian marbles, those celebrated and famous inscrip-
tions, Greek and Latin, gathered with so much cost and
industry from Greece, by his illustrious grandfather, the
magnificent Earl of Arundel, my noble friend while he
lived. When I saw these precious monuments miserably
neglected, and scattered up and down about the garden,
and other parts of Arundel House, and how exceedingly
the corrosive air of London impaired them, I procured
him to bestow them on the University of Oxford. This
he was pleased to grant me; and now gave me the key
of the gallery, with leave to mark all those stones, urns,
altars, etc., and whatever I found had inscriptions on
them, that were not statues. This I did; and getting them
removed and piled together, with those which were in-
crusted in the garden walls, I sent immediately letters to
the Vice-Chancellor of what I had procured, and that if
they esteemed it a service to the University (of which I
had been a member), they should take order for their

This done zist, I accompanied Mr. Howard to his villa
at Albury, where I designed for him the plot of his canal
and garden, with a crypt through the hill.

24th September, 1667. Returned to London, where I
had orders to deliver the possession of Chelsea College
(used as my prison during the war with Holland for such
as were sent from the fleet to London) to our Society, as
a gift of his Majesty, our founder.

8th October, 1667. Came to dine with me Dr. Bathurst,
Dean of Wells, President of Trinity College, sent by the
Vice-Chancellor.of Oxford, in the name both of him and
the whole University, to thank me for procuring the in-
scriptions, and to receive my directions what was to be
done to show their gratitude to Mr. Howard,
nth October, 1667. I went to see Lord Clarendon, latethey came; but their real