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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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4o                                  DIARY OF                            LONDON

were also sent me. Their mentioning me in the inscrip-
tion I totally declined, when I directed the titles of Mr.
Howard, now made Lord, upon his Ambassage to

These four doctors, having made me this compliment,
desired me to carry and introduce them to Mr. Howard,
at Arundel House; which I did, Dr. Barlow (Provost of
Queen's) after a short speech, delivering a larger letter of
the University's thanks, which was written in Latin, ex-
pressing the great sense they had of the honor done them.
After this compliment handsomely performed and as nobly
received. Mr. Howard accompanied the doctors to their
coach. That evening I supped with them.

z6th October, 1667. My late Lord Chancellor was ac-
cused by Mr. Seymour in the House of Commons; and,
in the evening, I returned home.

3ist October, 1667. My birthday — blessed be God for
all his mercies! I made the Royal Society a present of
the Table of Veins, Arteries, and Nerves, which great
curiosity I had caused to be made in Italy, out of the
natural human bodies, by a learned physician, and the help
of Veslingius (professor at Padua), from whence I brought
them in 1646. For this I received the public thanks of
the Society; and they are hanging up in their repository
with an inscription.

9th December, 1667. To visit the late Lord Chancellor.*
I found him in his garden at his new-built palace, sitting
in his gout wheel-chair, and seeing the gates setting up
toward the north and the fields. He looked and spake
very disconsolately. After some while deploring his con-
dition to me, I took my leave, Next morning, I heard he
was gone; though I am persuaded that, had he gone
sooner, though but to Cornbury, and there lain quiet, it
would have satisfied the Parliament. That which exas-
perated them was his presuming to stay and contest the

*This entry of the gth-December, 1667, is a. mistake. Evelyn could
not have visited the «late Lord Chancellor» on that day. Lord Clar-
endon fled on Saturday, the 29th of November, 1667, and his letter
resigning the Chancellorship of the University of Oxford is dated from
Calais on the ?th of December. That Evelyn's book is not, in every
respect, strictly a diary, is shown by this and several similar passages
already adverted to in the remarks prefixed to the present edition. If
the entry of the iSthof August, 1683, is correct, the date of Evelyn's
last visit to Lord Clarendon was the a8th of November, 1667.. Coll.8