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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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42                                    DIARY OF                              LONDON

scribed 50,000 bricks, toward building a college. Among
other libertine libels, there was one now printed and

thrown about, a bold petition of the poor w------s to Lady


9th April, 1668. To London, about finishing my grand
account of the sick and wounded, and prisoners at war,
amounting to above ^34,000.

I heard Sir R. Howard impeach Sir William Penn, in
the House of Lords, for breaking bulk, and taking away
rich goods out of the East India prizes, formerly taken
by Lord Sandwich.

sSth April, 1668. To London, about the purchase of
Ravensbourne Mills, and land around it, in Upper Dept-
ford, of one Mr. Becher.

3oth April, 1668. We sealed the deeds in Sir Edward
Thurland's chambers in the Inner Temple. I pray God
bless it to me, it being a dear pennyworth; but the pas-
sion Sir R. Browne had for it, and that it was contiguous
to our other grounds, engaged me!

13th May, 1668. Invited by that expert commander,
Captain Cox, master of the lately built  Charles II.,w
now the best vessel of the fleet, designed for the Duke of
York, I went to Erith, where we had a great dinner.

16th May, 1668. Sir Richard Edgecombe, of Mount
Edgecombe, by Plymouth, my relation, came to visit me;
a very virtuous and worthy gentleman. ,

igth June, 1668. To a new play with several of my
relations, <( The Evening Lover,w a foolish plot, and very
profane; it afflicted me to see how the stage was degen-
erated and polluted by the licentious times.

2d July, 1668. Sir Samuel Tuke, Bart, and the lady he
had married this day, came and bedded at night at my
house, many friends accompanying the bride.

23d July, 1668. At the Royal Society, were presented
divers glossa petras, and other natural curiosities, found in
digging to build the fort at Sheerness. They were just
the same as they bring from Malta, pretending them to
be viper's teeth, whereas, in truth, they are of a shark, as
we found by comparing them with one in our reposi-

3d August, 1668. Mr, Bramstone (son to Judge B.),
my old fellow-traveler, now reader at the Middle Temple,

* Evelyn has been supposed himself to have written this piece., in every