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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY   OF                                 LONDON

a very accomplished person.    He  is since Ambassador at


2pth September, 1668. I had much discourse with Sig*
nor Pietro Cisij, a Persian gentleman, about the affairs of
Turkey, to my great satisfaction. I went to see Sir Elias
Leighton's project of. a cart with iron axletrees.

8th November, 1668. Being at dinner, my sister Evelyn
sent for me to come up to London to my continuing
sick brother.

i4th November, 1668. To London, invited to the con-
secration of that excellent person, the Dean of Ripon,
Dr. Wilkins, now made- Bishop of Chester; it was at
Ely House, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Cosin,
Bishop of Durham, the Bishops of Ely, Salisbury, Roch-
ester, and others officiating. Dr. Tillotson preached.
Then, we went to a sumptuous dinner in the hall, where
were the Duke of Buckingham, Judges, Secretaries of
•State, Lord-Keeper, Council, Noblemen, and innumera-
t>leN)ther company, who were honorers of this incom-
parable man, universally beloved by all who knew him.

This being the Queen's birthday, great was the gal-
lantry at Whitehall, and the night celebrated with very
fine fireworks.

My poor brother continuing ill, I went not from him
till the i yth, when, dining at the Groom Porters, I heard
Sir Edward Sutton play excellently on the Irish harp;
he performs genteelly, but not approaching my worthy
friend, Mr. Clark, a gentleman of Northumberland, who
makes it execute lute, viol, and all the harmony an in-
strument is capable of; pity it is that it is not more in
use; but, indeed, to play well, takes up the whole man,
as Mr. Clark has assured me, who, though a gentleman
of quality and parts, was yet brought up to that instru-
ment from five years old, as I remember he told me.

25th November, 1668. I waited on Lord Sandwich,
who presented me with a Sembrador he brought out of
Spain, showing me his two books of observations made
during his embassy and stay at Madrid, in which were
several rare things he promised to impart to me.

27th November, 1668. I dined at my Lord Ashley's
(since Earl of Shaftesbury), when the match of my niece
was proposed for his only son, in which my assistance
was desired for my Lord.any, of course. After the extraordinary