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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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1668-^9                     JOHN EVELYN

28th November, 1668. Dr. Patrick preached at Convent
Garden, on Acts xvii. 31, the certainty of Christ's com-
ing to judgment, it being Advent; a most suitable dis-

19th December, 1668. I went to see the old play of
<<: Cataline}> acted, having been now forgotten almost
forty years.

2oth December, 1668. I dined with my Lord Corn-
Tbnry, at Clarendon House, now bravely furnished, espe-
cially with the pictures of most of our ancient and
modern wits, poets, philosophers, famous and learned
Englishmen; which collection of the Chancellor's I much
commended, and gave his Lordship a catalogue of more
to be added.

3ist December, '1668. I entertained my kind neigh-
bors, according to custom, giving Almighty God thanks
for his gracious mercies to me the past year.

ist January, 1669. Imploring his blessing for the year
entering, I went to church, where our Doctor preached
on Psalm Ixv. 12, apposite to the season, and beginning
a new year.

3d January, 1669. About this time one of Sir William
Penn's sons had published a blasphemous book against
the Deity of our Blessed Lord.

agth January, 1669. I went to see a tall gigantic woman
"who measured 6 feet 10 inches high, at 21 years old, born
in the Low Countries.

i3th February, 1669. I presented his Majesty with my
<( History of the Four Impostors; w * he told me of other
like cheats. I gave my book to Lord Arlington, to whom
I dedicated it. It was now that he began to tempt me
about writing <( The Dtitch War.w

15th February, 1669. Saw Mrs. Phillips' <c Horace"
acted again.

i8th February, 1669. To the Royal Society, when
Signor Malpighi, an Italian physician and anatomist, sent
this learned body the incomparable <( History of the Silk-
worm. B

ist March, 1669. Dined at Lord Arlington's at Goring
House, with the Bishop ,of Hereford.

4th March, 1669. To the Council of the Royal Society,
about disposing my Lord Howard's library,now given to us,

* Reprinted in Evelyn's  Miscellaneous Writings,me.