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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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i669                           JOHN EVELYN

and applause; so the rest. After which, Dr. Tillotson,
Dr. Sprat, etc., and then Dr. Allestree's speech, the
King's Professor, and their respective creations. Last of
all, the Vice-Chancellor, shutting up the whole in a pane-
gyrical oration, celebrating their benefactor and the rest,
apposite to the occasion.

Thus was the Theater dedicated by the scholastic exer-
cises in all the Faculties with great solemnity; and the
night, as the former, entertaining the new Doctor's
friends in feasting and music. I was invited by Dr.
Barlow, the worthy and learned Professor of Queen's

nth July, 1669. The Act sermon was this forenoon
preached by Dr. Hall, in St. Mary's, in an honest, prac-
tical discourse against atheism. In the afternoon, the
church was so crowded, that, not coming early, I could
not approach to hear.

izth July, 1669. Monday. Was held the Divinity Act
in the Theater again, when proceeded seventeen Doc-
tors, in all Faculties some.

i3th July, 1669. I dined at the Vice-Chancellor's, and
spent the afternoon in seeing the rarities of the public li-
braries, and visiting the noble marbles and inscriptions, now
inserted in the walls that compass the area of the
Theater, which were 150 of the most ancient and worthy
treasures of that kind in the learned world. Now, ob-
serving that people approach them too near, some idle
persons began to scratch and injure them, I advised that
a hedge of holly should be planted at the foot of the
wall, to be kept breast-high only to protect them;
which the Vice-Chancellor promised to do the next sea-

i4th July, 1669. Dr. Fell, Dean of Christ Church and
Vice-Chancellor, with Dr. Allestree, Professor, with bea-
dles and maces before them, came to visit me at my lodg-
ing. I went to visit Lord Howard's sons at Magdalen

i$th July, 1669. Having two days before had notice
that the University intended me the honor of Doctor-
ship, I was this morning attended by the beadles be-
longing to the Law, who conducted me to the Theater,
where I found 'the Duke of Ormond (now Chancellor of
the University) with the Earl of Chesterfield and Mr;eir respective creations. Then disputed the Inceptors of