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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                        LONDON

This year the ; weather was so wet, stormy, and un-
seasonable, as had not been known in many years.

9th February, 1671. I saw the great ball danced by
the Queen and distinguished ladies at Whitehall Theater.
Next day; was acted there the famous play, called, <(The
Siege of Granada,J) two days acted successively; there
were indeed very glorious scenes and perspectives, the
work of Mr. Streeter, who well understands it.*

ipth February, 1671. This day dined with me Mr. Sur-
veyor, Dr. Christopher Wren, and Mr. Pepys, Clerk of
the Acts, two extraordinary, ingenious, and knowing
persons, and other friends. I carried them to see the
piece of carving which I had recommended to the King.

25th February, 1671. Came to visit me one of the
Lords Commissioners of Scotland for the Union.

28th February, .1671. The Treasurer acquainted me
that his Majesty was graciously pleased to nominate me
one of the Council of Foreign Plantations, and give
me a salary of ^500 per annum, to encourage me.

spth February, 1671. I went to thank the Treasurer,
who was my great friend and loved me; I dined with
him and much company, and went thence to -my Lord
Arlington, Secretary of State, in whose favor I likewise
was upon many occasions, though I cultivated neither of
their friendships by any mean submissions. I kissed his
Majesty's hand, on his making me one of the new-estab-
lished Council.

ist March, 1671. I caused Mr. Gibbon to bring to
Whitehall his excellent piece of carving, where being
come, I advertised his Majesty, who asked me where it
was; I told him in Sir Richard Browne's (my father-in-
law) chamber, and that if it pleased his Majesty to ap-
point whither it should be brought, being large and
though of wood, heavy, I would take care for it. ^No,*
says the King, <(show me the way, I'll go to Sir Rich-
ard's chamber,)V which he immediately did, walking along
the entries after me; as far as the ewry, till he came up
into the room, where I also lay. No sooner was he en-
tered and cast his eyes on the work, but he was aston-
ished at the curiosity of it; and having1 considered it a
long time, and discoursed with Mr. Gibbon, whom I
brought to kiss his hand, he commanded it should be

* Evelyn here refers to Dryden's «Conquest of Granada•*'ly necessary to add, he was not very successfulDecember 29, 1680, on Tower Hill.se, only two voted for the bill, of which