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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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1671                               JOHN EVELYN

Thomas Clifford] with the Earl of Arlington, Carling-
ford, Lord Anindel of Wardour, Lord Almoner to the
Queen, a French Count and two abbots, with several
more of French nobility; and now by something- I had
lately observed of Mr. Treasurer's conversation on occa-
sion, I suspected him a little warping to Rome.

25th May, 1671. I dined at a feast made for me and
my wife by the Trinity Company, for our passing a fine
of the land which Sir R. Browne, my wife's father,
freely gave to found and build their college, or alms-
houses on, at Deptford, it being my wife's after her
father's decease. It was a good and charitable work and
gift, but would have been better bestowed on the poor
of that parish, than on the seamen's widows, the Trinity
Company being very rich, and the rest of the poor of
the parish exceedingly indigent.

a6th May, 1671. The Earl of Bristol's house in Queen's
Street [Lincoln's Inn Fields] was taken for the Commis-
sioners of Trade and Plantations, and furnished with
rich hangings of the King's. It consisted of seven rooms
on a floor, with a long gallery, gardens, etc. This day
we met the Duke of Buckingham, Earl of Lauderdale,
Lord Culpeper, Sir George Carteret, Vice-Chamberlain,
and myself, had the oaths given us by the Earl of Sand-
wich, our President. It was to advise and counsel his
Majesty, to the best of our abilities, for the well-govern-
ing of his Foreign Plantations, etc., the form very little
differing from that given to the Privy Council. We then
took our places at the Board in the Council-Chamber, a
very large room furnished with atlases, maps, charts,
globes, etc. Then came the Lord Keeper, Sir Orlando
Bridgeman, Earl of Arlington, Secretary of State, Lord
Ashley, Mr. Treasurer,  Sir John Trevor, the other Sec-
retary, Sir John Duncomb, Lord Allington, Mr. Grey,
son to the Lord Grey, Mr. Henry Broncher, Sir Hum-
phrey Winch, Sir John Finch, Mr. Waller, and Colonel
Titus, of the bedchamber, with Mr. Slingsby, Secretary
to the Council, and two Clerks of the Council, who had
all been sworn some days before. Being all set, our
Patent was read, and then the additional Patent, in
which was recited this new establishment; then, was de-
livered to each a copy of the Patent, and of instructions;
after which, we proceeded to business.before.December 29, 1680, on Tower Hill.se, only two voted for the bill, of which