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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                             LONDON

stepped in at the theater to see the new machines for the
intended scenes, which were indeed very costly and mag-

spth June, 1671. To Council, where were letters from
Sir Thomas Modiford, of the expedition and exploit of
Colonel Morgan, and others of Jamaica, on the Spanish
Continent at Panama.

4th July, 1671. To Council, where we drew up and
agreed to a letter to be sent to New England, and made
some proposal to Mr. Gorges, for his interest in a planta-
tion there.

24th July, 1671. To Council. Mr. Surveyor brought
us a plot for the building of our Council chamber, to be
erected at the end of the Privy garden, in Whitehall.

3d August, 1671. A full appearance at the Council.
The matter in debate was, whether we should send a
deputy to New England, requiring them of the Massa-
chusetts to restore such to their limits and respective
possessions, as had petitioned the Council; this to be the
open commission only; but, in truth, with secret instruc-
tions to inform us of the condition of those Colonies,
and whether they were of such power, as to be able to
resist his Majesty and declare for themselves as inde-
pendent of the Crown, which we were told, and which
of late years made them refractory. Colonel Middleton,
being called in, assured us they might be curbed by a
few of his Majesty's first-rate frigates, to spoil their trade
with the islands; but, though my Lord President was
not satisfied, the rest were, and we did resolve to advise
his Majesty to send Commissioners with a formal com-
mission for adjusting boundaries, etc., with some other
instructions.                             '

19th August, 1671 To Council! The letters of Sir
Thomas Modiford were read, giving relation of the ex-
ploit at Panama, which was very brave; they took, burned,
and pillaged the town of vast treasures, but the best of
the booty had been shipped off, and lay at anchor in
the South Sea, so that, after our men had ranged the
country sixty miles about, they went back to Nonabre de
Bios, and embarked for Jamaica. Such an action had not
been done since the famous Drake.

I dined at the Hamburg Resident's, and, after din-
ner, went to the christening of Sir Samuel Tuke's son,d in