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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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i6/i                           JOHN  EVELYN

Charles, at Somerset House, by a Popish priest, and many
odd ceremonies. The godfathers were the King", and Lord
Artmdel of Wardour, and godmother, the Countess of

29th August, 1671. To London, with some more papers
of my progress in the Dutch War, delivered to the

ist September, 1671. Dined with the Treasurer, in
company with my Lord Arlington, Halifax, and Sir
Thomas Strickland; and next day, went home, being the
anniversary of the late dreadful fire of London.

13th September, 1671. This nightfall a dreadful tem-

15th September, 1671. In the afternoon at Council,
where letters were read from Sir Charles Wheeler, con-
cerning his resigning his government of St. Christopher's.

2ist September, 1671. I dined in the city, at the fra-
ternity feast in Ironmongers' Hall, where the four stew-
ards chose their successors for the next year, with
a solemn procession, garlands about their heads, and
music playing before them; so, coming up to the upper
tables where the gentlemen sat, they drank to the new
stewards; and so we parted.

22d September, 1671. I dined at the Treasurer's,
where I had discourse with Sir Henry Jones (now come
over to raise a regiment of horse), concerning the French
conquests in Lorraine; he told me the King sold all
things to the soldiers, even to a handful of hay.

Lord. Sunderland was now nominated Ambassador to

After dinner, the Treasurer carried me to Lincoln's
Inn, to one of the Parliament Clerks, to obtain of him,
that I might carry home and peruse, some of the Jour-
nals, which were, accordingly, delivered to me to examine
about the late Dutch War. Returning home, I went on
shore to see the Custom House, now newly rebuilt since
the dreadful conflagration.

9th and roth October, 1671. I went, after evening
service, to London, in order to a journey of refreshment
with Mr. Treasurer, to Newmarket, where the King then
was, in his coach with six brave horses, which we changed
thrice, first, at Bishop-Stortford, and last, at Chesterford;
so, by night, we got to Newmarket, where Mr. HenryDrake.