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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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70                                    DIARY OF                              LONDON

Jermain (nephew to the Earl of St. Alban) lodged
me very civilly. We proceeded immediately to Court,
the King and all the English gallants being there at their
autumnal sports. Supped at the Lord Chamberlain's;
and, the next day, after dinner, I was on the heath,
where I saw the great match run between Woodcock
and Flatfoot, belonging to the King, and to Mr. Eliot,
of the bedchamber, many thousands being spectators;
a more signal race had not been run for many years.

This over, I went that night with Mr. Treasurer to
Euston, a palace of Lord Arlington's, where we found
Monsieur Colbert (the French Ambassador), and the fa-
mous new French Maid of Honor, Mademoiselle Que-
rouaille, now coming to be in great favor with the King.
Here was also the Countess of Sunderland, and several
lords and ladies, who lodged in the house.

During my stay here with Lord Arlington, near a fort-
night, his Majesty came almost every second day with
the Duke, who commonly returned to Newmarket, but the
King often lay here, during which time I had twice
the honor to sit at dinner with him, with all free-
dom. It was universally reported that the fair lady ------,

was bedded one of these nights, and the stocking flung,
after the manner of a married bride; I acknowledge she
was for the most part in her undress all day, and that
there was fondness and toying with that young wanton;
nay, it was said, I was at the former ceremony; but it
is utterly false; I neither saw nor heard of any such thing
while I was there, though I had been in her chamber,
and all over that apartment late enough, and was myself
observing all passages with much curiosity. However, it
was with confidence believed she was first made a Miss,
as they called these unhappy creatures, with solemnity at
this time.

On Sunday, a young Cambridge divine preached an
excellent sermon in the chapel, the King and the Duke
of York being present.

16th October, 1671. Came all the great men from New-
market, and other parts both of Suffolk and Norfolk, to
make their court, the whole house filled from one end
to the other with lords, ladies, and gallants; there was
such a furnished table, as I had seldom seen, nor any-
thing more splendid and free, so that for fifteen daysion in Holland, and held- the post of secretary to the Prince of