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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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86                                   DIARY  OF                           LONDON

24th October, 1672. Met in Council, the Earl of Shaftes-
bury, now our president, swearing our secretary and his
clerks, which was Mr. Locke, an excellent learned gen-
tleman, and student of Christ Church, Mr. Lloyd, and
Mr. Frowde. We dispatched a letter to Sir Thomas
Linch, Governor of Jamaica, giving1 him notice of a de-
sign of the Dutch on that island.

27th October, 1672. I went to hear that famous preacher,
Dr. Frampton, at St. Giles's, on Psalm xxxix. 6. This
divine had been twice at Jerusalem, and was not only a
very pious and holy man, but excellent in the pulpit for
the moving affections.

8th November, 1672. At Council, we debated the busi-
ness of the consulate of Leghorn. I was of the com-
mittee with Sir Humphry Winch, the chairman, to
examine the laws of his Majesty's several plantations and
colonies in the West Indies, etc.

15th November, 1672 Many merchants were summoned
about the consulate of Venice; which caused great dis-
putes; the most considerable thought it useless. This
being the Queen-Consort's birthday, there was an extraor-
dinary appearance of gallantry, and a ball danced at Court.

3oth November, 1672. I was chosen secretary to the
Royal Society.

2ist December, 1672.    Settled the consulate of Venice.

ist January, 1672-73. After public prayers in the chapel
at Whitehall, when I gave God solemn thanks for all his
mercies to me the year past, and my humble supplica-
tions to him for his blessing the year now entering, I
returned home, having my poor deceased servant (Adams)
to bury, who died of pleurisy.

3d January, 1673. My son now published his version
of ^Rapinus Hortorum.^

28th January, 1673. Visited Don Francisco de Melos,
the Portugal Ambassador, who showed me his curious
collection of books and pictures. He was a person of
good parts, and a virtuous man,

6th February, 1673. To Council about reforming an
abuse of the dyers with saundus, and other false drugs; ex-
amined divers of that trade.

23d February, 1673. The Bishop of Chichester preached
before the King on Coloss. ii. 14, 15, admirably well,
as he can do nothing but what is well.so, both