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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                             LONDON

good Christian, while I endeavor to instill  into  him the
fear  and  love   of   God, and   discharge   the   duty   of   a


At the sermon coram Rege^ preached by Dr. Sparrow^
Bishop of Exeter, to a most crowded auditory; I stayed
to see whether, according to custom, the Duke of York
received the Communion with the King; but he did not,
to the amazement of everybody. This being the second
year he had forborne, and put it off, and within a day
of the Parliament sitting, who had lately made so severe
an Act against the increase of Popery, gave exceeding
grief and scandal to the whole nation, that the heir of
it, and the son of a martyr for the Protestant religion^
should apostatize. What the consequence of this will be,
God only knows, and wise men dread.

nth April, 1673. I dined with the plenipotentiaries
designed for the treaty of Nimeguen.

iyth April, 1673. I carried Lady Tuke to thank the
Countess of Arlington for speaking to his Majesty in her
behalf, for being one of the Queen Consort's women.
She carried us up into her new dressing room at Goring
House, where was a bed, two glasses, silver jars, and
vases, cabinets, and other so rich furniture as I had
seldom seen; to this excess of superfluity were we now
arrived and that not only at Court, but almost univer-
sally, even to wantonness and profusion.

Dr. Compton, brother to the Earl of Northampton,
preached on i Corinth, v. 11-16, showing the Church's
power in ordaining things indifferent; this worthy per-
son's talent is not preaching, but he is likely to make a
grave and serious good man.

I saw her Majesty's rich toilet in her dressing room,
being all of massy gold, presented to her by the King,
valued at ^4, ooo.

26th April, 1673. Dr. Lamplugh preached at St. Mar-
tin's the Holy Sacrament following, which I partook of,
upon obligation of the late Act of Parliament, enjoining
everybody in office, civil or military, under penalty of
^500, to receive it within one month before two authentic
witnesses; being engrossed on parchment, to be afterward
produced in the Court of Chancery, or some other Court
of Record; which I did at the Chancery bar, as being one
of the Council of Plantations and Trade; taking then also