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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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1673                                JOHN  EVELYN

the oath of allegiance and supremacy, signing the clause
in the said Act against Transubstantiation.

25th May, 1673. My son was made a younger brother
of the Trinity House. The new master was Sir J. Smith,
one of the Commissioners of the Navy, a stout seaman,
who had interposed and saved the Duke from perishing
by a fire ship in the late war.

28th May, 1673. I carried one Withers, an ingenious
shipwright, to the King to show him some new method
of building.

29th May, 1673. I saw the Italian comedy at the Court,
this afternoon.

ioth June, 1673. Came to visit and dine with me my
Lord Viscount Cornbury and his Lady; Lady Frances
Hyde, sister to the Duchess of York; and Mrs. Dorothy
Howard, maid of Honor. We went, after dinner, to see
the formal and formidable camp on Blackheath, raised to
invade Holland; or, as others suspected for another
design Thence, to the Italian glass-house at Greenwich,
where glass was blown of finer metal than that of Murano,
at Venice.

13th June, 1673. Came to visit us, with other ladies
of rank, Mrs. Sedley,* daughter to Sir Charles, who was
none of the most virtuous, but a wit.

ipth June, 1673. Congratulated the new Lord Treas-
urer, Sir Thomas Osborne, a gentleman with whom I had
been intimately acquainted at Paris, and who was every
day at my father-in-law's house and table there; on which
account I was too confident of succeeding in his favor,
as I had done in his predecessor's; but such a friend
shall I never find, and I neglected my' time, far from
believing that my Lord Clifford would have so rashly
laid down his staff, as he did, to the amazement of all
the world, when it came to the test of his receiving
the Communion, which I am confident he forbore
more from some promise he had entered into to
gratify the Duke, than from any prejudice to the Prot-
estant religion, though I found him wavering a pretty

23d June, 1673. To London, to accompany our Coun-
cil who went in a body to congratulate the new Lord

* The Dttke of York's mistress, afterward created by him Countess
of Dorchester.of Chancery, or some other Court