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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY  OF                              LONDON

Treasurer, no friend to it because promoted by my Lore?
Arlington, whom he hated.

26th June, 1673. Came visitors from Court to dine with
me and see the army still remaining encamped on Blackheath.

6th July, 1673. This evening I went to the funeral of
my dear and excellent friend, that good man and ac-
complished gentleman, Sir Robert Murray, Secretary of
Scotland. He was buried by order of his Majesty in
Westminster Abbey.

25th July, 1673. I wellt to Tunbridge Wells, to visit
my Lord Clifford, late Lord Treasurer, who was there
to divert his mind more than his body; it was believed
that he had so engaged himself to the Duke, that rather
than take the Test, without which he was not capable of
holding any office, he would resign that great and hon-
orable station. This, I am confident, grieved him to the
heart, and at last broke it; for, though he carried with
him music, and people to divert him, and, when I came
to see him, lodged me in his own apartment, and would
not let me go from him, I found he was struggling in
his. mind; and being of a rough and ambitious nature,
he could not long brook the necessity he had brought
on himself, of submission to this conjuncture. Besides,
he saw the Dutch war, which was made much by his advice,
as well as the shutting up of the Exchequer, very un-
prosperotis. These things his high spirit could not sup-
port. Having stayed here two or three days, I obtained
leave of my Lord to return.

In my way, I saw my Lord of Dorset's house at
Knowle, near Sevenoaks, a great old-fashioned house.

3oth July, 1673. To Council, where the business of
transporting wool was brought before us.

3ist July, 1673. I went to see the pictures of all the
judges and eminent men of the Long Robe, newly
painted by Mr. Wright, and set up in Guildhall, costing
the city ^1,000. Most of them are very like the persons
they represent, though I never took Wright to be any
considerable artist.

13th August, 1673; I rode to Durdans, where I dined
at my Lord Berkeley's of Berkeley Castle, my old and
noble friend, it being his wedding anniversary, where I
found the Duchess of Albemarle, and other company,
and returned home on that evening late.tations and Trade; taking then also