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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                          LONDON

of the Treasury, and rectified divers matters about the
sick and wounded.

i6th September, 1673. To Council, about choosing- a
new Secretary.

17th September, 1673. I went with some friends to visit
Mr. Bernard Grenville, at Abs Court in Surrey; an old
house in a pretty park.

23d September, 1673. I went to see Paradise, a room
in Hatton Garden furnished with a representation of all
sorts of animals handsomely painted on boards or cloth,
and so cut out and made to stand, move, fly, crawl, roar,
and make their several cries. The man who showed it,
made us laugh heartily at his formal poetry.

15th October, 1673. To Council, and swore in Mr. Locke,
secretary, Dr. Worsley being" dead.

27th October, 1673. To Council, about sending succors
to recover New York: and then we read the commission
and instructions to Sir Jonathan Atkins, the new Gover-
nor of Barbadoes.

5th November, 1673. This night the youths of the
city burned the Pope in effigy, after they had made pro-
cession with it in great triumph, they being displeased
at the Duke for altering his religion and marrying an
Italian lady.

3oth November, 1673. On St. Andrew's day I first saw
the new Duchess of York, and the Duchess of Modena,
her mother.

ist December, 1673. To Gresham College, whither the
city had invited the Royal Society by many of their
chief aldermen and magistrates, who gave us a collation,
to welcome' us to our first place of assembly, from whence
we had been driven to give place to the City, on their
making it their Exchange on the. dreadful conflagration,
till their new Exchange was finished, which it now was.
The Society having till now been entertained and having
met at Arundel House.

2d December, 1673. I dined with some friends, and
visited the sick; thence, to an almshouse, where was
prayers and relief, some very ill and miserable. It was
one of the best days I ever spent in my life.

3d December, 1673. There was at dinner my Lord
Lockhart, designed. Ambassador for France, a gallant and
sober person.to note this extra-