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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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1673-74                         JOHN  EVELYN

9th December, 1673. I saw again the Italian Duchess
and her brother, the Prince Reynaldo.

2oth December, 1673. I had some discourse with certain
strangers, not unlearned, who had been born not far from
Old Nineveh; they assured me of the ruins being still
extant, and vast and wonderful were the buildings,
vaults, pillars, and magnificent fragments;* but they
could say little of the Tower of Babel that satisfied me.
But the description of the amenity and fragrancy of the
country for health and cheerfulness, delighted me; so
sensibly they spoke of the excellent air and climate in
respect of our cloudy and splenetic country.

24th December, 1673. Visited the prisoners at Ludgate,
taking orders about the releasing of some.

3oth December, 1673. I gave Almighty God thanks
for his infinite goodness to me the year past, and begged
his mercy and protection the year following; afterward,
invited my neighbors to spend the day with me.

5th January, 1673-74. I saw an Italian opera in music,
the first that had been in England of this kind.

9th January, 1674. Sent for by his Majesty to write
something against the Hollanders about the duty of the
Flag and Fishery. Returned with some papers.

25th March, 1674. I dined at Knightsbridge, with the
Bishops of Salisbury, Chester, and Lincoln, my old

29th May, 1674. His Majesty's birthday and Restora-
tion. Mr. Demalhoy, Roger L'Estrange, and several of
my friends, came to dine with me on the happy occasion.

27th June, 1674. Mr. Dryden, the famous poet and
now laureate, came to give me a visit. It was the an-
niversary of my marriage, and the first day I went into
my new little cell and cabinet, which I built below to-
ward the south court, at the east end of the parlor.

9th July, 1674. Paid ^360 for purchase of Dr. Ja-
combe's son's share in the mill and land at Deptford,
which I bought of the Beechers.

22d July, 1674. I went to Windsor with my wife
and son to see ray daughter Mary, who was there with
my Lady Tuke and to do my duty to his Majesty. .Next
day, to a great entertainment at Sir Robert Holrnes's at

*The remarkable discoveries of Mr. Layard give now a curious inter-
est to this notice by Evelyn.ah, Ivii. 8.