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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY   OP                              LONDON

ing the siege, prisoners taken, parleys; and, in short, all
the circumstances of a formal siege, to appearance, and,
what is most strange all without disorder, or ill acci-
dent, to the great satisfaction of a thousand spectators.
Being night, it made a formidable show. The siege being
over, I went with Mr. Pepys back to London, where we
arrived about three in the morning.

15th September, 1674. To Council, about fetching away
the English left at Surinam, etc., since our reconciliation
with Holland.                                                  ,

2ist September, 1674. I went to see the great loss that
Lord Arlington had sustained by fire at Goring House, this
night consumed to the ground, with exceeding loss of
hangings, plate, rare pictures, and cabinets; hardly any-
thing was saved of the best and most princely furniture
that any subject had in England. My lord and lady were
both absent at the Bath.

6th October, 1674. The Lord Chief Baron Turner, and
Sergeant Wild, Recorder of London, came to visit me.

2oth October, 1674. At Lord Berkeley's, I discoursed
with Sir Thomas Modiford, late Governor of Jamaica, and
with Colonel Morgan, who undertook that gallant exploit
from Nombre de Dios to Panama, on the Continent of
America; he told me 10,000 men would easily conquer all
the Spanish Indies, they were so secure. They took great
booty, and much greater had been taken, had they not
been betrayed and so discovered before their approach, by
which the Spaniards had time to carry their vast treasure
on board ships that put off to sea in sight of our men,
who had no boats to follow. They set fire to Panama, and
ravaged the country sixty miles about. The Spaniards
were so supine and unexercised, that they were afraid to
fire a great gun.

3ist October, 1674. My birthday, 54th year of my life.
Blessed be God! It was also preparation day for the Holy
Sacrament, in which I participated the next day, imploring
God's protection for the year following, and confirming my
resolutions of a more holy life, even upon the Holy Book.
The Lord assist and be gracious unto me! Amen.

15th November, 1674. The anniversary of my baptism:
I first heard that famous and excellent preacher, Dr.
Burnet) author of the (< History of the Reformation  on
Colossians iiL 10, with such flow of eloqence and fullnessais-