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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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1674-75                        JHN EVELYN

) matter, as showed him to be a person of extraordinary

Being her Majesty's birthday, the Court was exceeding
splendid in clothes and jewels, to the height of excess.

17th November, 1674. To Council, on the business of
Surinam, where the Dutch had detained some English in
prison, ever since the first war, 1665.

i pth November, 1674. I heard that stupendous violin,
Signor Nicholao (with other rare musicians), whom I never
heard mortal man exceed on that instrument. He had a
stroke so sweet, and made it speak like the voice of a
man, and, when he pleased, like a concert of several
instruments. He did wonders upon a note, and was an
excellent composer. Here was also that rare lutanist, Dr.
Wallgrave; but nothing approached the violin in Nicholao's
hand. He played such ravishing things as astonished us all.

2d December, 1674. At Mr. Slingsby's, master of the
mint, my worthy friend, a great lover of music. Heard
Signor Francisco on the harpsichord, esteemed one of the
most excellent masters in Europe on that instrument;
then, came Nicholao with his violin, and struck all mute,
but Mrs. Knight, who sung incomparably, and doubtless
has the greatest reach of any English woman; she had
been lately roaming in Italy, and was much improved in
that quality.

15th December, 1674. Saw a comedy at night, at
Court, acted by the ladies only, among them Lady Mary
and Ann, his Royal Highness' two daughters, and my
dear friend Mrs. Blagg, who, having the principal part,
performed it to admiration. They were all covered with

22d December, 1674. Was at the repetition of the
<( Pastoral,}> on which occasion Mrs, Blagg had about her
near ^20,000 worth of jewels, of which she lost one
worth about ^80, borrowed of the Countess of Suffolk.
The press was so great, that it is a wonder she lost no
more. The Duke made it good.

2oth January, 1674-75. Went to see Mr. Streeter,
that excellent painter of perspective and landscape,
to comfort and encourage him to be cut for the stone,
with which that honest man was exceedingly afflicted.

22d March, 1675. Supped at Sir William Petty's, with
the Bishop of Salisbury, and divers honorable persons.that famous and excellent preacher, Dr.