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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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i6;s                           JOHN EVELYN

ford,  where we   chose  him  Master of the Trinity Com-

2d June, 1675. I was at a conference of the Lords
and Commons in the Painted Chamber, on a difference
about imprisoning some of their members; and on the
3d, at another conference, when the Lords accused the
Commons for their transcendent misbehavior, breach of
privilege, Magna Charta, subversion of government, and
other high, provoking, and diminishing expressions, show-
ing what duties and subjection they owed to the Lords
in Parliament, by record of Henry IV. This was likely
to create a notable disturbance.

i5th June, 1675. This afternoon came Monsieur Quer-
ouaille and his lady, parents to the famous beauty and
. . . favorite at Court, to see Sir R. Browne, with
whom they were intimately acquainted in Bretagne, at
the time Sir Richard was sent to Brest to supervise his
Majesty's sea affairs, during the latter part of the King's
banishment. This gentleman's house was not a mile
from Brest; Sir Richard made an acquaintance there,
and, being used very civilly, was obliged to return it
here, which we did. He seemed a soldierly person and
a good fellow, as the Bretons generally are; his lady had
been very handsome, and seemed a shrewd understanding
woman. Conversing with him in our garden, I found
several words of the Breton language the same with our
Welsh. His daughter was now made Duchess of Ports-
mouth, and in the height of favor; but he never made
any use of it.

27th June, 1675. At Ely House, I went to the conse-
cration of my worthy friend, the learned Dr. Barlow,
Warden of Queen's College, Oxford, now made Bishop
of Lincoln. After it succeeded a magnificent feast,
where were the Duke of Ormond, Earl of Lauderdale,
the Lord Treasurer, Lord Keeper, etc.

8th July, 1675. I went witlt Mrs* H°ward and her
two daughters toward Northampton Assizes, about a trial
at law, in which I was concerned for them as a trustee.
We lay this night at Henley-on-the Thames, at our
attorney, Mr. Stephens's, who entertained us very hand-
somely. Next day, dining at Shotover, at Sir Timothy
TyriU's, a sweet place, we lay at Oxford, where it was
the time of the Act Mr. Robert Spencer, uncle to theord  Qssory  to  Depfr-bject, and