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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                          LONDON

was interrupted "by our coachman, and a stranger passing
by. After this, running to his rival, and snatching his
sword from his side (for we had beaten his own out of
his hand), and on the sudden pulling down his mistress,
would have run both of them through; we parted them,
not without some blood. This miserable creature poi,
soned himself for her not many days after they came to

19th July, 1675. The Lord Treasurer's Chaplain
preached at Wallingford House.

9th August, 1675. Dr. Sprat, prebend of Westminster,
and Chaplain to the Duke of Buckingham, preached on
the 3d Epistle of Jude, showing what the primitive faith
was, how near it and how excellent that of the Church
of England, also the danger of departing from it

27th August, 1675. I visited the Bishop of Rochester,
at Bromley, and dined at Sir Philip Warwick's, at Frog-
poole [Frognall].

2d September, 1675. I went to see Dulwich College,
being the pious foundation of one Alleyn, a famous
comedian, in King James's time. The chapel is pretty,
the rest of the hospital very ill contrived; it yet main-
tains divers poor of both sexes. It is in a melancholy
part of Camberwell parish. I came back by certain me-
dicinal Spa waters, at a place called Sydenham Wells, in
Lewisham parish, much frequented in summer.

ioth September, 1675. I was casually shown the
Duchess of Portsmouth's splendid apartment at White-
hall, luxuriously furnished, and with ten times the rich-
ness and glory beyond the Queen's; such massy pieces of
plate, whole tables, and stands of incredible value.

29th September, 1675. I saw the Italian Scaramuccio
act before the King at Whitehall, people giving money
to come in, which was very scandalous, and never so be-
fore at Court diversions. Having seen him act before in
Italy, many years past, I was not averse from seeing the
mosc excellent of that kind of folly.

i4th October, 1675. Dined at Kensington with my old
acquaintance, Mr. Henshaw, newly returned from Den-
mark, where he had been left resident after the death
of the Duke of Richmond, who died there Ambassador.
i5th October, 1675. I got an extreme cold, such as was
afterward so epidemical,, as not only to afflict us in thiss horse, and drawing his