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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY OF                           DOVER

coach at New Cross. There were with him my Lady
his wife, and my dear friend, Mrs. Godolphin, who,
out of an extraordinary friendship, would needs accom-
pany my lady to Paris, and stay with her some time,
which was the chief inducement for permitting my son
to travel, "but I knew him safe under her inspection, and
in regard my Lord himself had promised to take him
into his special favor, he having intrusted all he had to
my care.

Thus we set out,, three coaches (besides mine), three
wagons, and about forty horses. It being late, and my
Lord as yet but valetudinary, we got but to Dartford,
the first day, the next to Sittingbourne.

At Rochester, the major, Mr. Cony, then an officer of
mine for the sick and wounded of that place, gave the
ladies a handsome refreshment as we came by his house.

12th November, 1675. We came to Canterbury: and,
next morning, to Dover.

There was in my Lady Ambassadress's company my
Lady Hamilton, a sprightly young lady, much in the
good graces of the family, wife of that valiant and worthy
gentleman, George Hamilton, not long after slain in
the wars. She had been a maid of honor to the Duchess,
and now turned Papist.

14th November, 1675. Being Sunday, my Lord having
before delivered to me Ms letter of attorney, keys, seal,
and his Will, we took a solemn leave of one another up-
on the beach, the coaches carrying them into the sea to
the boats, which delivered them to Captain Gunman's
yacht, the "Mary." Being under sail, the castle gave them
seventeen guns, which Captain Gunman answered with
eleven. Hence, I went to church, to beg a blessing on
their voyage.

2d December, 1675. Being returned home, I visited
Lady Mordaunt at Parson's Green, my Lord, her son,
being sick. This pious woman delivered to me 100 to
bestow as I thought fit for the release of poor prisoners,
and other charitable uses.

2ist December, 1675. Visited her Ladyship again,
where I found the Bishop of Winchester, whom I had long
known in France; he invited me to his house at Chelsea.

23d December, 1675. Lady Sunderland gave me ten
guineas, to bestow in charities.an excel-