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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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1676                                JOHN EVELYN

azine of marble, to take order for chimney-pieces, etc.,
for Mr. Godolphin's house. The owner of the works had
built for himself a pretty dwelling house; this Dutchman
had contracted with the Genoese for all their marble.
We also saw the Duke of Buckingham's glasswork, where
they made huge vases of metal as clear, ponderous, and
thick as crystal; also looking-glasses far larger and bet-
ter than any that come from Venice.

9th October, 1676. I went with Mrs. Godolphin and
my wife to Blackwall, to see some Indian curiosities; the
streets being slippery, I fell against a piece of timber
with such violence that I could not speak nor fetch my
breath for some space; being carried into a house and
let blood, I was removed to the water-side and so home,
where, after a day's rest, I recovered. This being one of
my greatest deliverances, the Lord Jesus make me ever
mindful and thankful!

3ist October, 1676. Being my birthday, and fifty-six
years old, I spent the morning in devotion and imploring
God's protection, with solemn thanksgiving for all his
signal mercies to me, especially for that escape which
concerned me this month at Blackwall. Dined with Mrs.
Godolphin, and returned home through a prodigious and
dangerous mist.

9th November, 1676. Finished the lease of Spalding,
for Mr. Godolphin.

16th November, 1676. My son and I dining at my
Lord Chamberlain's, he showed us among others that in-
comparable piece of Raphael's, being a Minister of State
dictating to Guicciardini, the earnestness of whose face
looking up in expectation of what he was next to write,
is so to the life, and so natural, as I esteem it one of
the choicest pieces of that admirable artist. There was
a woman's head of Leonardo da Vinci; a Madonna of old
Palma, and two of Vandyke's, of which one was his own
picture at length, when young, in a leaning posture; the
other, an eunuch, singing. Rare pieces indeed!

4th December, 1676. I saw the great ball danced by
all the gallants and ladies at the Duchess of York's.

xoth December, 1676. There fell so deep a snow as
hindered us from church.

i2th December,  1676.    To London, in so great a snow,
as I remember not to have seen the like.
8o the Barony of