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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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1677-78                        JOHN EVELYN

in their years, it was at last effected, and they were
married the i3th, in Henry VII.'s Chapel, by the Bishop
of Rochester, there being besides my wife and Mrs. Gra-
ham, her sister, Mrs. Godolphin, and very few more.
We dined at the old lady's, and supped at Mr. Graham's
at St. James's.

15th November, 1677. The Queen's birthday, a great
ball at Court, where the Prince of Orange and his new
Princess danced.

19th November, 1677. They went away, and I saw
embarked my Lady Sylvius, who went into Holland with
her husband, made Hoffmaester to the Prince, a consider-
able employment. We parted with great sorrow, for the
great respect and honor I bore her, a most pious and
virtuous lady.

27th November, 1677. Dined at the Lord Treasurer's
with Prince Rupert, Viscount Falkenburg, Earl of Bath,
Lord O'Brien, Sir John Lowther, Sir Christopher Wren,
Dr. Grew, and other learned men.

3oth November, 1677. Sir Joseph Williamson, Princi-
pal Secretary of State, was chosen President of the Royal
Society, after my Lord Viscount Brounker had possessed
the chair now sixteen years successively, and therefore
now thought fit to CHANGE, that prescription might not

4th December, 1677. Being the first day of his taking
the chair, he gave us a magnificent supper.

2oth December, 1677, Carried to my Lord Treasurer
an account of the Earl of Bristol's Library, at Wimble-
don, which my Lord thought of purchasing, till I
acquainted him that it was a very broken collection, con-
sisting much in books of judicial astrology, romances, and

' 25th December, 1677. I gave my son an office, with
instructions how to govern his youth; I pray God give
him the grace to make a right use of it!

23d January, 1677-78. Dined with the Duke of Nor-
folk, being the first time I had seen him since the death
of his elder brother, who died at Padua in Italy, where
he had resided above thirty years. The Duke had now
newly declared his marriage to his concubine, whom he
promised me he never would marry. I went with him
to $$ the Duke of Buckingham, thence to my Lordd the young