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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY   OP                                     LONDON

Sunderland, now Secretary of State, to show Mm that
rare piece of Vosterman's (son of old Vosterman), which
was a view, or landscape of my Lord's palace, etc., at
Althorpe in Northamptonshire.

8th February, 1678. Supping at my Lord Chamber-
lain's I had a long discourse with the Count de Castel
Mellor, lately Prime Minister in Portugal, who, taking
part with his master, King Alphonso, was banished by
his brother, Don Pedro, now Regent; but had behaved
himself so uncorruptly in all his ministry that, though
he was acquitted, and his estate restored, yet would
they not suffer him to return. He is a very intelligent
and worthy gentleman.

i8th February, 1678. My Lord Treasurer sent for me
to accompany him to Wimbledon, which he had lately
purchased of the Earl of Bristol; so breaking fast with
him privately in his chamber, I accompanied him with
two of his daughters, my Lord Conway, and Sir Bernard
Gascoyne; and, having surveyed his gardens and altera-
tions, returned late at night.

22d February, 1678. Dr. Pierce preached at Whitehall,
on 2 Thessalonians iii. 6, against our late schismatics, in
a rational discourse, but a little over-sharp, and not at all
proper for the auditory there.

22d March, 1678. Dr. South preached cor am Rege^ an
incomparable discourse on this text, <c A wounded spirit
who can bear 1}> Note: Now was our Communion table
placed altarwise; the church steeple, clock, and other
reparations finished.

i6th April, 1678. I showed Don Emmanuel de Lyra
(Portugal Ambassador) and the Count de Castel Mellor,
the Repository of the Royal Society, and the College of

18th, April, 1678. I went to see new Bedlam Hospital,
magnificently built, and most sweetly placed in Moorfields,
since the dreadful fire in London.

28th June, 1678. I went to Windsor with my Lord
Chamberlain (the castle now repairing with exceeding
cost) to see the rare work of Verrio, an incomparable
carving of Gibbons.

29th June, 1678.    Returned with my Lord by Hounslow

Heath,  where we saw the newly raised army encamped,

.designed against France, in pretense, at least; but whicliout of pity to the lan-