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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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1678                              JOHN EVELYN

gave umbrage to tlie Parliament. His Majesty and a
world of company were in the field, and the whole army
in battalia; a very glorious sight. Now were brought
into service a new sort of soldiers, called GRENADIERS,
who were dexterous in flinging hand grenados, everyone
having a pouch full; they had furred caps with coped
crowns like Janizaries, which made them look very fierce,
and some had long hoods hanging down behind, as we
picture fools. Their clothing being likewise piebald, yel-
low and red.

8th July, 1678. Came to dine with me my Lord
Longford, Treasurer of Ireland, nephew to that learned
gentleman, my Lord Aungier, with whom I was long
since acquainted; also the Lady Stidolph, and other com-

igth July, 1678. The Earl of Ossory came to take his
leave of me, going into Holland to command the English

2oth July, 1678. I went to the Tower to try a metal
at the Assay-master's, which only proved sulphur; then
saw Monsieur Roti&re, that excellent graver belonging to
the Mint, who emulates even the ancients, in both metal
and stone;* he was now molding a horse for the King's
statue, to be cast in silver, of a yard high. I dined with
Mr. Slingsby, Master of the Mint.

23d July, 1678. Went to see Mr. Elias Ashmole's
library and curiosities, at Lambeth. He had divers
MSS., but most of them astrological, to which study he
is addicted, though I believe not learned, but very in-
dustrious, as his History of the order of the Garter
proves. He showed me a toad included in amber. The
prospect from a turret is very fine, it being so near
London, and yet not discovering any house about the
country. The famous John Tradescant bequeathed his
Repository to this gentleman, who has given them to
the University of Oxford, and erected a lecture on them,
over the laboratory, in imitation of the Royal Society.

Mr. Godolphin was made master of the robes to the King.

25th July, 1678. There was sent me ^70; from whom
I knew not, to be by me distributed among poor people; I

* Doubtless Philip Rotiere, who introduced the figure of Britannia
into the coinage, taking for his model the King's favorite, Frances
Stewart, Duchess of Richmond.                    ,                        .........,.-, is in such a solitudearson of Ar-