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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY   OP                                  LONDON

Godfrey, found strangled about this time, as was mani-
fest, by'the Papists, he being the Justice of the Peace,
and' one who knew much of their practices, as convers-
ant with Coleman (a servant of the . , . now ac*
cused), put the whole nation into anew ferment against


3ist October, 1678. Being the s8th of my age, re>
quired my humble addresses to Almighty God, and that
he would take off his heavy hand, still on my family;
and restore comforts to us after the death of my excellent

5th November, 1678. Dr. Tillotson preached before the
Commons at St. Margaret's. He said the Papists were
now arrived at that impudence, as to deny that there
ever was any such as the gunpowder-conspiracy; but he
affirmed that he himself had several letters written by
Sir Everard Digby (one of the traitors), in which he
gloried that he was to suffer for it; and that it was so
contrived, that of the Papists not above two or three
should have been blown up, and they, such as were not
worth saving.

15th. November, 1678. The Queen's birthday. I never
saw the Court more brave, nor the nation in more appre-
hension and consternation. Coleman and one Staly had
now been tried, condemned, and executed* On this,
Gates grew so presumptuous as to accuse the Queen of
intending to poison the King; which certainly that pious
and virtuous lady abhorred the thoughts of, and Oates's
circumstances made it utterly unlikely in my opinion.
He probably thought to gratify some who would have
been glad his Majesty should have married a fruitful
ladyj but the King was too kind a husband to let any of
these make impression on him, However, divers of the
Popish peeis were sent to the Tower, accused by Gates;
and all the Roman Catholic lords were by a new Act
forever excluded the Parliament; which was a mighty
blow, The King's, Queen's, and Duke's servants, were
banished, and a test to be taken by everybody who pre-
tended to enjoy any office of public trust, and who would
not be suspected of Popery. I went with Sir William
Godolphin, a member of the Commons' House, to the
Bishop of Ely (Dr. Peter Gunning), to be resolved
whether masses were idolatry, as the text expressed 'it,ector of St. Omer's