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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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DIARY  OP                                LONDON

had never before seen a Frenchman do, he being of Jer-
sey, and bred at Paris.

4th February, 1679. Dr. Pierce, Dean of Salisbury,
preached on i John, iv. i, <(Try the Spirits, there being
so many delusory ones gone forth of late into the world'*;
he inveighed against the pernicious doctrines of Mr,

My brother Evelyn, was now chosen Knight for the
County of Surrey, carrying it against my Lord Longford
and Sir Adam Brown, of Bechworth Castle. The country
coming in to give him their suffrages were so many, that
I believe they ate and drank him out near ^2,000, by a
most abominable custom.

ist April, 1679. My friend, Mr. Godolphin, was now
made one of the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury,
and of the Privy Council.

4th April, 1679. The Bishop of Gloucester preached in
a manner very like Bishop Andrews, full of divisions, and
scholastical, and that with much quickness. The Holy
Communion followed.

2oth April, 1679. EASTER DAY. Our vicar preached ex-
ceedingly well on i Cor. v. 7. The Holy Communion fol-
lowed, at which I and my daughter, Mary (now about
fourteen years old), received for the first time. The Lord
Jesus continue his grace unto her, and improve this
blessed beginning!

24th April, 1679. The Duke of York, voted against by
the Commons for his recusancy, went over to Flanders;
which made much discourse.

4th June, 1679. I dined with Mr. Pepys in the Tower,
he having been committed by the House of Commons for
misdemeanors in the Admiralty when he was secretary; I
believe he was unjustly charged. Here I saluted my
Lords Stafford and Petre, who were committed for the
Popish plot.

7th June, 1679. I saw the magnificent cavalcade and
entry of the Portugal Ambassador.

iTth. June, 1679. I was godfather to a son of Sir Chris-
topher Wren, surveyor of his Majesty's buildings, that
most excellent and learned person, with Sir William
Fermor, and my Lady Viscountess Newport, wife of the
Treasurer of the Household.
Thence to Chelsea, to Sir Stephen Pox, and my lady,
ing than ever.