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Full text of "The Diary Of John Evelyn Vol-2"

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l679                             JOHN EVELYN

neighbor, one Mr. Bohun, related to my son's late tutor
of that name, a rich. Spanish, merchant, living in a neat
place, which he has adorned with many curiosities,
especially several carvings of Mr. Gibbons, and some pic-
tures by Streeter.

13th September, 1679. To Windsor, to congratulate his
Majesty on his recovery; I kissed the Duke's hand, now
lately returned from. Flanders* to, visit his brother the
King, on which there were various bold and foolish dis-
courses, the Duke of Monmouth being sent away.

ipth September, 1679. My Lord Sunderland, one of
the principal Secretaries of State, invited me to dinner,
where was the King's natural son, the Earl of Plymouth',
the Earl of Shrewsbury, Earl of Essex, Earl of Mul-
grave, Mr. Hyde, t and Mr. Godolphin. After dinner I
went to prayers at Eton, and visited Mr. Henry Godolphin,
fellow there, and Dr. Craddock.

25th September, 1679. Mr. Slingsby and Signer Verrio
came to dine with me, to whom I gave China oranges
off my own trees, as good, I think, as were ever eaten.

6th October,   1679.    A very wet and sickly season.

23d October, 1679. Dined at my Lord Chamberlain's,
the King being now newly returned from his Newmarket

4th November, 1679. Dined at the Lord Mayor's; and,
in the evening, went to the funeral of my pious, dear,
and ancient learned friend, Dr. Jasper Needham, who
was buried at St. Bride's Church. He was a true and
holy Christian, and one who loved me with great affec-
tion. Dr. Dove preached with an eulogy due to his
memory. I lost in this person one of my dearest remain-
ing sincere friends.

5th November, 1679. I was invited to dine at my
Lord Teviotdale's, a Scotch Earl, a learned and knowing
nobleman. We afterward went to see Mr. Montague's
new palace near Bloomsbury, built by our curator, Mr.
Hooke, somewhat after the French; it was most nobly
furnished, and a fine, but too much exposed garden f

6th November,  1679.    Dined at the Countess of Sun-

*He  returned  the day before, the  i2th of September.   This is
another of the indications that the entries of this Diary were not
always made on the precise days they refer to.
'             -the ^British Mtiaetim.                 •     \-    ......           „     ,.  .    •«ee  at he was trusted